4010-R Equal Opportunity, Title VI, Title IX, Immigration Act and Section 504

  • I. Title IX

    The District's Title IX Officer will be the Director of Human Resources.

    II. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504

    The District's Section 504 compliance officer will be the Director of Human Resources.

    A "disabled person" is defined as any person who has, or had, or is or was regarded as having, a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of his/her major life activities and includes specific learning disabilities.

    Notice of the Board's policy on nondiscrimination in employment will be included in all postings of available employment positions. Notice of the Board's policy on nondiscrimination in education practices will be included in all District statements regarding special education services. Notice of both policies will be included in District publications designed to be sent or given to all citizens of the District, will be posted in all District buildings, and will be published in the official county newspaper designated by the Board.

    Under the terms of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the District must provide ready accessibility for disabled persons to each of its programs and activities when viewed in its entirety. The educational program of Campbell County School District will be equally accessible to all students at each grade level. Barrier-free access to school facilities will be provided to the extent that no disabled person is denied an opportunity to participate in a District program available to persons who are not disabled.

    III. Grievance Procedure

    Persons who have complaints regarding alleged violations of nondiscrimination policies or laws, or this regulation, will be encouraged to resolve those disputes at the level closest to the point of violation without entering into the grievance process. However, the following grievance procedure is provided for the prompt and equitable resolution of disputes which cannot be resolved otherwise.

    There will be no threat of reprisal by the Board or any of its employees or agents against anyone who files a grievance under this policy.

    The grievance procedure will follow the steps outlined below:

     The grievant will file a written complaint, stating the specific facts of his/her grievance and the alleged discriminatory act, with the appropriate compliance officer.
    The compliance officer will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the matter informally at the administrative level most immediate to the complaint.
    In the event the complaint cannot be resolved informally, the compliance officer will convene and chair an informal hearing, no later than 10 working days after the filing of the complaint, at which both the grievant and the administrator/supervisor responsible for the disputed action may present testimony and documents relevant to the complaint.
    Witnesses may be called and cross-examined. Detailed minutes of the hearing will be made and kept, a copy of which will be made available to each party. Within 10 working days of the hearing, the compliance officer will provide a written copy of his/her determination to both parties.

    The grievant may appeal the determination of the compliance officer to the Board of Trustees within 10 working days of receipt of the compliance officer's determination. The appeal must be in writing and attached to copies of the original complaint, the minutes of the hearing, and the written determination of the compliance officer. The Board may, in its discretion, convene a hearing at which the parties may present additional testimony and argument.
    Within 10 working days of the filing of appeal, the Board will provide both parties with a written decision.
    September 6, 1991; Revised October 22, 1991; July 28, 1992; Revised March 10, 1997; Editorial revision October 25, 2005; reviewed with no changes December 9, 2014
    Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1987 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973