4035 National Certification Incentive

  • Applications for National Certification shall be received prior to November 15 of the year in which a certified teacher wishes to apply to be eligible for scholarship monies from the Professional Teaching Standards Board. Teachers shall meet all the requirements of the National Certification Board in order to apply. Campbell County School District will work with teachers who have gained their National Certification, to attain reimbursement for their actual costs, not to exceed the National Certification fee. This reimbursement will come from, and be in accordance with, guidelines established by the Professional Teaching Standards Board and W.S. 21-7-501.
    In consideration of Campbell County School District paying the initial registration cost, any money received by an applicant from the State Professional Teaching Standards Board, up to the cost of the registration, shall be turned over to the District.
    In the event a staff member for whom the District has paid an application fee leaves the District prior to receiving their National Board Certification, he/she will reimburse the District within ninety (90) days of written demand by the District. If an employee does not complete the National Board Certification within five years of the date of application, he/she shall reimburse the District for all fees paid by the District in their behalf within ninety (90) days of written demand by the District. Campbell County School District may withhold liquidated damages from any sum owed by the District to the teacher.
    Any subsequent fee that may be required by the National Certification Board for a test re-take or similar action will be the responsibility of the teacher.
    Campbell County School District will pay any certified staff member in good standing who has received their National Certification pursuant to sums outlined in Regulation 4035. This payment will be made in one installment, payable in December. Proper renewal must be maintained to continue eligibility for this incentive.
    A list of financial incentives based on profession is available in Human Resources Regulation 4035-R.
    ADOPTION DATE: November 23, 1998; Revised March 26, 2002; Revised August 24, 2004; Revised December 13, 2005; Revised October 10, 2006.
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): W.S. 21-7-501