4060-R Salary Adjustments for Additional Education-Certified Employees

  • The following conditions determine a certified employee's placement on the salary schedule and whether an employee qualifies for a salary adjustment:

    Placement is determined by semester graduate hours earned and degrees earned. Official transcripts must verify graduate hours earned and degrees earned, provide course numbers indicating graduate hours, and indicate whether course credits are quarter credits or semester credits.

    Graduate hours used for horizontal advancement must be hours earned after the most recent, appropriate degree was conferred.

    Graduate hours must be earned from an institution of higher learning which is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Recognition by CHEA affirms that the standards and processes of the accrediting organization are consistent with the academic quality, improvement and accountability expectations that CHEA has established, including the eligibility standard that the majority of institutions or programs each accredits are degree-granting.

    Salary Schedule Advancement

     Campbell County School District will accept credits for salary advancements that have been obtained following an employee’s initial placement designation upon hire.

    • CCSD Credits - Professional Development offers a variety of classes to earn Campbell County School District credit.  CCSD credits must be documented and recorded with Professional Development to qualify for a lane change.  When making a lane change, an employee can use a maximum of six (6) of these CCSD credits per lane change. CCSD credits will be submitted to the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) for employee recertification.
    • CCSD Action Labs - Campbell County School District allows action labs as a way to earn credit.  Action labs are sessions taught by CCSD employees that are relaying information from a conference, instructional best practices, and educational tools.  Three contact hours equals one action lab. Five action labs equal one CCSD credit. Action lab content and course proposals will be submitted for approval to the Professional Development Committee prior to teaching.
    • CCSD Micro-badging - Micro-badges showcase specific skills and knowledge that have been acquired through learning experiences. The digital badge itself is a visual/digital image that a learner can display to represent their learning.
    • Classes to be offered in regard to district initiatives, school needs, instructional strategies, and technology.
    • Classes may be taught online, face-to-face, or a hybrid method.
    • Classes will be offered with contact time of 1.5 hours.
    • Option 1: Class will be offered for the full 1.5 hours (with reflection/creation built in).
    • Option 2: Class will be offered for one hour with a required submission of creation/implementation and/or reflection (totaling 1.5 hours).
    • Two micro-badge classes will equal one action lab credit.
    • Multiple learning experiences built around a single topic could be completed for a “micro-credential” of recognition.
    • Micro-badging content and course proposals will be submitted for approval to the Professional Development Committee prior to teaching.
    • If teaching face-to-face or hybrid, the delivery of the content will need to be before or after school.
    • Conferences - Conferences and programs are another avenue to earn credit for a lane change.  If it is an approved conference, the employee will be granted action lab credit(s) based on the number of contact hours of the conference.  For every three hours of the conference, the employee will earn one CCSD action lab. It is the responsibility of the employee to provide information to Professional Development regarding conferences, within one year of conference date, for proper recording of credit(s) earned.  To earn the credit, the employee must submit evidence of a supervisor approved presentation of the conference.
    • Continuing Education Unit Credits - Continuing Education Units can be converted to action lab credit. Three CEUs will equate to one action lab credit. It is the responsibility of the employee to provide information to Professional Development regarding CEUs, within one year of completion, for proper recording of credit(s) earned.
    • Credit Acquisition -



    1 Micro-badge

    1 Action Lab

    1 Action Lab

    1 Action Lab

    1 Action Lab

    1 CCSD Credit


    1.5 hrs

    3 hrs

    3 hrs

    For every 3 hrs

    3 hrs

    15 hrs


    1 Micro-badge

    2 Micro-badges

    3 CEUs

    Conference time

    1 Action Lab

    5 Action Labs

    • Undergraduate Credits - Campbell County School District recognizes some programs and endorsement areas are only offered as undergraduate credits. To meet the instructional needs of a building or the District, CCSD may request that individuals complete specific undergraduate courses. Such courses must be related to the certified personnel’s current position or be part of an endorsement program that is considered to be of high demand at the time of approval. To help employees grow professionally in particular areas, undergraduate credit will be allowed for a salary adjustment if the course or program has been approved by their administrator and the Professional Development Committee.  No more than fifteen undergraduate credits can be used over the lifetime of lane changes.

    ADOPTION DATE: February 12, 1996; Reviewed March 24, 1997; Reviewed January 24, 2006; Reviewed February 10, 2015; Revised April 28, 2020