4065-R Temporary and Substitute Employees

  • Temporary employees will include:

    Temporary Employees

    Based on the needs of the individual buildings or departments during the long-term absence of a regular classified employee, a temporary employee may be hired.

    Temporary employees will be paid the base salary for the position they are filling.

    Temporary employment will not exceed 120 working days in any one position.

    Temporary employees will be paid only for hours worked, except they will qualify for holiday pay if they work the last scheduled day before the holiday and the first scheduled day after the holiday for that classification.

    Temporary employees will not qualify for paid sick leave, paid bereavement leave, paid vacation or paid convenience days.

    Temporary employees will not qualify for retirement, health insurance, dental insurance or other fringe benefits, except as defined in policy and regulation 4250.

    Temporary employees may work on staff development days and on non-holiday days during winter break if budget permits and the supervisor feels the work load justifies the time.
    Applications will be open to any person who will be at least 16 years old by the time work begins and can meet the essential functions of the position with or without accommodations.

    Student Employees

    All items listed above for temporary employees will also apply to student employees.

    Part-time students employed during the regular school year will be considered for summer employment if they meet the other requirements of this regulation and its accompanying policy.

    Student employees will be paid at the rate determined by the years of experience and the base salary for their positions.

    Under normal circumstances, a student employee will receive an additional $.25 each year they return to employment with Campbell County School District.

    Substitute Teachers

    Substitute teachers are to report to the building 30 minutes before students arrive. (Normal school starting time).

    Check out times for substitute teachers is 15 minutes after students are dismissed, depending on duties and responsibilities. (Normal dismissal time).

    Substitute teachers will be paid for the planning period of the teacher for whom they are substituting. They must meet the guidelines listed above. (They must be in the building 30 minutes before school starts and 15 minutes after dismissal time, depending on duties and responsibilities.)

    Substitute teachers may be utilized for other supervisory and/or instructional duties if there is no planning that needs to take place during their normally scheduled planning time.

    ADOPTION DATE: December 11, 1984; Revised June 27, 1988; June 15, 1992; Renumbered May 4, 1994; Revised April 15, 1996; Reviewed March 24, 1997; Revised November 13, 2000; Reviewed January 24, 2006; Revised February 10, 2015.