4075-R Personnel Transfers - Certified

  • I.  District vacancies will be advertised via Internet.

    1.  In-district postings will be open from Wednesday morning until the following Friday at 5:00 p.m.  However, the length of the advertising period may vary depending upon the vacant position and the time of year.  A qualified in-district candidate, with the appropriate certification, may be chose as early as the following Monday.

    2.  Job postings are available on the Internet at https://campbell.cloud.talentedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

    3.  It is the responsibility of staff members to check vacancies and apply for such vacancies using the district on-line application system.

    II.        Voluntary transfers for vacancies:

    1.  Any staff member who meets the certification requirements for a vacant position may apply using the district on-line application system.

    2.  The on-line application must be accompanied by an updated resume.

    3.  The following process will apply for the administrator, appropriate supervisor and/or team needing to add staff members.

    a.  All employee requests for transfer will be reviewed where vacancies exist.

    b.  Informal interviews and observations may be conducted with those applicants who have applied to buildings, other than their own, based on the preliminary transfers.

    c.  Although all qualifications will be considered, the person felt to be best matched for the position will be chosen.

    d.  Final recommendations will be made to the Director of Human Resources or his or her designee.

            e.  All interviewed applicants will be notified of their status after decisions are made.

    III.       Involuntary Transfers

    1.  Reasons for such transfers include, but are not limited to:

    a.  opening of buildings;

    b.  closing of building;

    c.  changes related to school organization;

    d.  addition or elimination of a program;

    e.  enrollment changes;

    f.  boundary changes;

    g.  personnel adjustments; or

    h.  school board policies.

    2.  Recommendations of the building administrator or appropriate supervisor will be considered when the decisions are made regarding involuntary transfers.

    3.  Administration may recommend transfers without the building administrator's or appropriate supervisor's recommendation and/or approval where such transfers are considered in the best interest of the District.

    4.  Program needs, extracurricular requirements, staff balance and staff relationships will be considered.

    5.  Personal adjustment transfers will be made when such a transfer is considered in the best interest of the District.

    6.  If circumstances permit, notification of involuntary transfers to known positions will be provided prior to April 15, but such a deadline has no effect on transfers to positions that become officially open without providing adequate time to advertise the position, receive, and process transfer requests prior to April 15.

    7.  If possible, individuals who will be asked to transfer will be notified prior to the closing date of current openings.

    8.  Each staff member transferred involuntarily will be notified of reasons prior to the transfer and will be granted, upon written request, a meeting with the Director of Human Resources.

    IV.       Release time for transferred teachers

    1.  Whenever a teacher is transferred during a school year, whether voluntary or involuntary, from one position to another after the students' first attendance date, that teacher will be allowed up to two days to work with other staff and to prepare so the transfer is smoothly accomplished.  A substitute, if needed will be employed to allow the necessary release time.

    2. Any major transfer after August 15 of any year and prior to the students' first reporting date will allow the transferred teacher the option of reporting early up to the allotted day as specified above, if time permits, or to utilize a Saturday to prepare.  An equal number of compensatory days will be allowed during the year at a time convenient to the teacher and the principal, most appropriately, at a time when the impact of the teacher's absence would be minimized.

    V.  More specific guidelines or requirements may be established for any staffing, provided such fit within these general guidelines.

    ADOPTION DATE:  April 23, 1985; Revised February 25, 1986; Editorial Revision September 30, 1991; January 25, 1993 (formerly policy 4115); Revised April 14, 1997; Revised June 9, 1997; Revised February 22, 1999; Editorial Revision February 14, 2006; Revised August 28, 2007; Revised March 10, 2015.


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4075, 4020