4080-R Personnel Transfers - Educational Support Personnel

  • Any educational support personnel employee has the right to apply for any vacant position for which he/she is qualified. No applicant will be guaranteed a transfer because of District employment or length of service with Campbell County School District.

    I. District vacancies will be advertised via Internet.

    1.Postings will be open from Wednesday morning until the following Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. If the position is posted in-district only, an administrator will have the option to select a candidate for the open position after 5:00 p.m. on the Friday following the posting date. However, the length of the advertising period may vary depending upon the vacant position and the time of year.

    2.Job postings are available on the Internet at https://campbell.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

    3.It is the responsibility of staff members to check vacancies and complete the online application.

    II. Voluntary Transfers

    1.Any staff member who meets the criteria for a vacant position may apply.

    2.In order to be considered an applicant, an employee must complete the online application.

    3.The building administrator, appropriate supervisor and/or team where the vacancy exists will review all current employee applications, plus applications from other qualified candidates for the specific position.

    4.Selected applicants for a position will be interviewed by the building administrator, appropriate supervisor and/or team needing to add staff members.

    5.All applicants will be notified of their status after a decision regarding the vacancy is made.

    III. Involuntary Transfers

    1.Reasons for such transfers include, but are not limited to:
    • opening of buildings;
    • closing of buildings;
    • personnel adjustment;
    • inability to perform adequately in assigned classification but capable at different classification;
    • school board policy; and
    • other good and just causes.
    2.Staff transferred involuntarily will be given written notification of reasons for transfer.

    3.Transfers may be made upon recommendation of the immediate supervisor with proper administrative approval. However, a supervising Educational Services Center administrator may recommend such transfers without the supervisor's approval if such a transfer is in the best interest of Campbell County School District.
    IV. Any educational support personnel transferring from one position category to a different position category may retain credit for all earned in-district experience but will retain credit for previously approved out-of-district experience only if the experience is directly related to the new position.

    V. Reassignment to a vacant position is justified if it is necessary as an accommodation under the ADA. This type of transfer should only be considered when accommodation within an employee's current position is not feasible. The employee should be reassigned to an equivalent position in terms of salary and benefits.

    The District may reassign an individual to a position with a lower salary if there is no accommodation that would enable the employee to remain in the current position and there are no vacant, equivalent positions for which the employee is qualified, with or without reasonable accommodation. The Human Resources Manager may recommend such a transfer without supervisor approval if he/she determines the transfer is in the best interest of Campbell County School District.
    VI. Other administrative/supervisory guidelines may be additionally applied if such fall within School Board policy.

    ADOPTION DATE: pril 23, 1985; Editorial Revision September 13, 1991; January 25, 1993; Revised April 14, 1997; Revised February 22, 1999; Revised February 28, 2006; Revised June 10, 2014.

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related U. S. Department of Justice regulations

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4080, 4011