4090 Employee Work Day

  • Professional staff will arrive at their posts a minimum of 30 minutes in advance of students and will remain after the school day a minimum of 30 minutes to meet with individual students, parents and faculty committees, and to carry out other professional responsibilities. Professional staff may leave 15 minutes earlier on the last working day of the week. Variations from the above schedule may be allowed by building principals where appropriate. For the purpose of benefits, an FTE for certified staff will be eight (8) hours per day.

    Administrators, full-time educational support personnel and supervisory personnel are expected to observe an 8-hour working day, excluding their lunch time. In the case of administrators, salaried educational support personnel and supervisory personnel, this time may be extended by the time required to discharge the responsibilities of their positions. 

    Administrators have the right to schedule meetings, conferences, and other activities, and require attendance at such activities, before and after the hours stated above.  Hours worked beyond scheduled workday hours for such mandatory meetings will be paid for all hourly employees.

    For hourly and salaried non-exempt Educational Support Personnel, appropriate paid leave for absences combined with hours worked cannot exceed the number of hours in the employee's scheduled work week.

    August 9, 1977; Revised June 24, 1986; October 14, 1986; April 9, 1991; Renumbered May 22, 1995 (formerly 4380); Reviewed April 14, 1997; Reviewed February 28, 2006; Revised March 10, 2015; Revised March 22, 2016.