4110 Performance Evaluation And Supervision - Certified

  • Campbell County School District is committed to maintenance of a climate of high expectations for student success. In meeting its commitment, the District provides for the supervision and evaluation of all certified staff.

    Evaluation is defined as the decision-making process that determines the employment status of certified staff. Before evaluation takes place, formative data, both formal and informal, are gathered. This information is used to assess how well the certified employee carries out the responsibilities and meets the expectations established by the District for his or her position. Evaluation is the process of reviewing data and determining whether to recommend the employee be rehired or not rehired.

    Supervision is a collaborative process designed to support enhancement of the individual performance of the certified staff members. The process includes observation, analysis, feedback, conferencing, and follow-up. Certified supervision is based on the premise that effective supervision is essential for improvement of instruction, increasing student achievement, and enhancement of certified staff growth.

    It is the responsibility of the building principal or assigned supervisor to see that the certified Performance Evaluation System is implemented.

    All formal written supervision and evaluation documents will become a part of the respective employee's file that is kept in the Human Resources office.


    July 8, 1982; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised June 13, 1989; May 12, 1992; Editorial Revision January 24, 1994 (Renumbered from 4118); Revised April 14, 1997; Reviewed March 14, 2006; Reviewed March 10, 2015