4110-R Performance Evaluation And Supervision - Certified

  • The evaluation and supervision processes are outlined in Campbell County School District's Performance Evaluation System handbooks. These handbooks explain how Policy 4110 - Performance Evaluation and Supervision - Certified will be applied. Every certified employee is to be given a current edition of the Performance Evaluation System handbook which relates to his or her position classification. There are fundamental principles which drive the evaluation and supervision processes:

    1.         Every certified employee has the right to be informed of the criteria and process by which his or her employment is to be evaluated.

    2.         Every employee will be informed of the content of documents pertaining to his or her performance. The content of those documents is not grievable under Policy 4130.

    3.         An employee may have an advocate of his or her choosing attend any meeting dealing with his or her performance. These meetings may be audio-taped, with transcripts and copies of the tapes provided to the two major meeting participants.

    4.         Current Performance Evaluation System handbooks are identified by title, edition number, and date. Those presently being used are:

                a.         Teacher Performance Evaluation Plan

                b.         Principal Performance Evaluation Plan

                c.         Counselor/Social Worker Performance Evaluation Plan

                d.         Library/Media Specialist Performance Evaluation Plan

                e.         Nurse Performance Evaluation Plan

                f.         Facilitator Performance Evaluation Plan

                g.         Psych Tech/Diagnostition Performance Evaluation Plan

                h.         Staff Development Performance Evaluation Plan

    5.         Policy 4110 and this regulation are not intended to grant to non-continuing contract certified employees additional or extended rights or procedures beyond those already guaranteed them by law or by other Campbell County School District policies and regulations.

    March 8, 1988; Revised April 14, 1992; Editorial Revision January 24, 1994 (Renumbered from 4118-R); Revised April 14, 1997; Reviewed March 14, 2006; Revised March 10, 2015