4112-R Extra-Duty Assignments - Evaluation and Rehire

  • Evaluation

    1. Evaluators of coaches, sponsors, and teachers are to maintain open and regular communication regarding needs and expectations. If concerns exist during the season or summer, these are to be communicated immediately to the appropriate staff member. The extra-duty position evaluation form may be used to communicate concerns to the employee.

    2. The following lists outline the responsibilities for evaluation of extra-duty positions.

    3. The Director of Activities will evaluate and recommend the following coach/sponsor positions in the junior and senior high schools with the assistance of the building level administrators.

    Boys Basketball

    Speech and Debate (NFL)

    Girls Basketball

    Soccer - Boys


    Soccer - Girls


    Swimming - Boys

    Event Coordinator

    Swimming Girls




    Track - Indoor and Outdoor

    Open Gym




    4. The building and summer school principals will evaluate and recommend the following co-curricular and teaching positions in the elementary, junior, and senior high schools.

    Academic Competitions

    Future Problem Solving

    Academic Decathlon


    Annual Director


    Class Sponsor

    Marching Band

    Department Head

    Math Counts

    Distributive Education Clubs of America

    Memory Book Sponsor


    School Newspaper

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

    School Plays

    Future Business Leaders of America

    Science Olympiad

    Future Farmers of America



    Student Council


    Summer School Teacher

    Club Sponsors:

    Astronomy Club

    International Club

    Future Teacher of America

    National Honor Society

    1. After the end of each activity season, an evaluation conference between the appropriate evaluator and the respective coach or sponsor is to be conducted.
    2. Head high school coaches/sponsors, if designated by the building activities director, will evaluate their assistant coaches/sponsors.  Building assistant principals may assist or evaluate the co-curricular sponsors.  Summer school principals will be responsible for their staff evaluations.
    3. As a result of that evaluation conference, a recommendation to retain or not to retain the coach, sponsor, or teacher  in the applicable position will be made.
    4. If the recommendation is for the person to retain the position, they will be recommended to the Human Resources Department by the administrator designated to evaluate them.
    5. If the coach, sponsor, or teacher is not recommended for retention of the extra-duty position, the coach, sponsor, or teacher will be informed of general reasons for the recommendation.
    1. A vacancy will be declared in any activity sponsor, coaching, or summer school teaching position if: a) the position is new, b) the previous sponsor, coach, or summer school teacher has indicated he/she does not wish to retain the position or c) the sponsor, coach, or summer school teacher is not recommended for rehire.
    2. Vacancies will be advertised from a minimum exposure of district-wide to a maximum exposure of nationally. A posting exposure will be determined by the applicable principal or Director of Activities.
    3. Applications must be submitted through the on line application system to the Human Resources Department. Successful applicants must be able to meet appropriate training and certification requirements as established by the state Professional Teaching Standards Board.
    4. After the closing date, applications will be screened and candidates will be interviewed by the Director of Activities or designee and/or a building principal or summer school principal. The 7-12 head coach/sponsor or his designee will be invited to be involved in the interview process for all grade 7-12 assistant coaching or sponsor positions of their sport or activity.
    5. A recommendation to hire coaches, sponsors, or teachers listed in Evaluation, Item 4, above will be made by the appropriate administrator. The recommendation will then be sent to the  Human Resources Department for follow-up. The Director of Human Resources, as the Superintendent's designee, will make final recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

    March 8, 1988; Revised September 19, 1991; January 16, 1994; July 10, 1995 (formerly 4143.1- R); Reviewed May 12, 1997; Editorial revision March 28, 2006; Editorial revision February 26, 2010; Revised March 22, 2011; Revised March 10, 2015