4130 Grievance - Non-Administrative Certified Employees

  • Campbell County School District believes that the majority of employee concerns can be resolved through positive, clear and direct communication with supervisory personnel. Every effort will be made to ensure these matters are communicated informally to the most appropriate levels of management within the organization prior to initiation of any formal actions.

    However, in the event an employee concern is not resolved informally, an orderly and systematic process will be followed when receiving and resolving grievances filed by non-administrative certified employees. A grievance may be filed for any alleged violation, misinterpretation, or inappropriate application by a supervisor of any policy or regulation contained in Section 4000 or 6000 of the Campbell County School District Policy Handbook. Personnel decisions are not grievable.

    A non-administrative certified employee who seeks resolution of any complaint related to Section 4000 or 6000 must follow the procedures outlined in Regulation 4130-R. Decisions and actions of the Board in all policy categories are final and not grievable.

    January 27, 1987; Revised August 25, 1987; June 13, 1994; Renumbered February 12, 1996 (formerly 4134.1); Revised March 9, 2004; Reviewed May 9, 2006; Reviewed April 14, 2015


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