4134 Communication With Administration and The Board

  • Lines of communication must be kept open and available to all employees through the normally accepted "chain of command."  Problems and concerns should be resolved at the lowest level when possible.  However, members of the Board, individually, are open to contact by any school district employee or patron at any time.

    Any employee who has a complaint or other reason to appear before the Board may do so. The Board of Trustees will consider any information, views, opinions or suggestions provided by District personnel and will take such action thereon as said Board, in its sole judgment, deems advisable under the then existing circumstances.

    A non-administrative certified employee who seeks resolution of any complaint related to section 4000 or 6000 of the Campbell County School District Policy Handbook must follow the procedures outlined in Regulation #4130-R Grievance - Non-Administrative Certified Employees (see Item II.A., page 2, of that regulation).

    Except as provided by Policy #4130 and Regulation #4130-R Grievance - Non-Administrative Certified Employees, no supervisor or administrator may restrict employee contact with the Board. No supervisor or administrator may threaten or take any action in retaliation if an employee exercises his/her right to contact Board members.

    ADOPTION DATE: December 9, 1980; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised August 25, 1987; May 9, 1994; Reviewed May 9, 2006; Reviewed April 14, 2015