4135 Board Relationship With District Personnel

  • Under Wyoming law, the Board of Trustees is given exclusive authority to manage all affairs of the school district.

    The Board of Trustees recognizes that employees of the District can furnish valuable information, views, opinions and suggestions, all of which may be extremely helpful to the deliberative processes of the Board and to the overall improvement of education within the District.

    The Board of Trustees will consider the views expressed by Campbell County School District employees and will take such action thereon as the Board deems advisable under existing circumstances. The Board of Trustees recognizes the value of voluntary participation in professional associations, including the Campbell County Education Association, and provisions will be made for payroll deductions.

    This policy will not be construed as creating any contractual obligations, but is to be regarded solely as formally providing one method for the ideas, viewpoints, and suggestions of employees to flow to the Board of Trustees for its aid in exercising the powers which the law has vested exclusively in the Board of Trustees.

    November 22, 1983; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised November 25, 1986; January 14, 1992; Reviewed May 9, 1994; Reviewed May 23, 2006; Reviewed April 14, 2015