4150 Deductions For Absence From Work

  • Pay deductions (pay docks) for absences from work will be allowed in unavoidable or emergency situations when the employee has not earned the appropriate leave time to cover the time off.

    "Voluntary" absences, primarily for the convenience of the employee, may be allowed on a pay deduction basis if such absences do not unduly disrupt the work needs of a department or school. Such absences must have approval in advance from the appropriate supervisor.

    Pay deductions for hourly employees will be made at the per-hour rate of pay. For salaried employees, the deduction will be an amount equivalent to one day's pay for each day absent. The daily rate will be equal to the contract amount divided by the number of contract days.

    Failure to notify the supervisor/administrator of an absence from work will result in a pay dock for each day of non-notification, unless a valid reason can be given for such failure. Misrepresentation of a leave will result in a pay dock as well as other disciplinary actions the supervisor/administrator deems appropriate up to and including termination.

    January 14, 1992; Renumbered & Reviewed April 10, 1995 (formerly 4225); Reviewed May 23, 2006

    W.S. 21-7-110

    Combines Policy 4142 - Salary Schedule Addendum and Policy 4403 - Classified Employees - Deductions for Absence from Work