4155 Educational Support Personnel Overtime

  • Any hours worked beyond the normal schedule must be approved in advance by the authorized supervisor except in emergency situations.

    Overtime for all employees will be computed for hours worked beyond forty (40) in the normal employment week. Hours worked beyond the normal eight (8) hour day will not qualify as overtime for any employee unless such hours exceed the forty (40) hour week. Overtime will be paid at the rate of one and one-half the per hour rate.

    Vacation days, convenience leave, sick leave, or other paid days when the employee does not perform job functions (with the exception of holidays and emergency call out*) are not considered as hours worked and are therefore not computed as any portion of the forty work hours. Holidays will be considered compensable hours.

    *Emergency call out will be defined as when an employee is called on beyond normal working hours to respond to a situation that needs immediate attention in order to prevent loss of property or to rectify a dangerous situation which is not predictable.

    ADOPTION DATE: July 1, 1983; Revised August 13, 1985; August 1, 1991; February 28, 1994; Renumbered May 22, 1995 (formerly 4232); Reviewed August 22, 2006; Revised March 11, 2008.


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): Replaces Policies 4402 & 4402.1