4158-R Educational Support Personnel - Compensatory Time

  • 1. Compensatory time is applicable only to employees who normally work 40 hours in a designated work week.

    2. Other than in emergency situations, time worked in excess of 40 hours during a designated work week must have prior approval of the appropriate supervisor.

    3. Standing approval must be granted for on-going, predictable tasks such as weekend boiler checks or covering scheduled weekend activities.

    4. Although the employee has the right to request either compensatory time or overtime, the ultimate decision will be made by the supervisor.

    5. One hour of time worked beyond 40 hours in a designated work week is equal to 1-1/2 hours of compensatory time or overtime earned. The maximum accumulation of compensatory time is 40 hours, i.e., 26.66 hours x 1.5 = 40 hours

    6. The earning of compensatory time, as with overtime, is only applicable for hours worked over 40 during a designated work week. Time taken for sick leave, convenience leave, compensatory time, vacation, or pay docks does not qualify as hours worked, with the exception of holidays and emergency call out hours*.

    7. No compensatory time will be recorded as accumulated until the appropriate district form has been submitted and proper authorization has been received.

    8. Use of trade time is encouraged in lieu of granting compensatory time whenever such usage is practical.

    *Emergency call out will be defined as when an employee is called on beyond normal working hours to respond to a situation that needs immediate attention in order to prevent loss of property or to rectify a dangerous situation which is not predictable.

    ADOPTION DATE: April 23, 1991; Renumbered May 22, 1995 (formerly 4402.2-R); Reviewed August 22, 2006; Revised March 11, 2008; Revised April 28, 2015