4162 Educational Support Personnel - Flex Time

  • Educational support personnel whose work assignments are for fewer than eight hours per day may be granted flex time for hours worked beyond their normal schedule. Flex time will be granted at the rate of one hour for each hour worked.

    No employee may have accumulated more than 20 hours of flex time at any given time. Any hours over 20 will be compensated at the regular hourly rate for that employee.

    Use of flex time must be authorized in advance by the appropriate supervisor and must not disrupt the applicable work needs of the district. Flex time used will not be counted as hours worked during an applicable work week.

    An employee who has accrued flex time will, upon termination of employment, be paid for the unused flex time at the regular rate of pay for that employee at the time employment is terminated.

    February 25, 1986; Revised and renumbered April 22, 1996; Reviewed September 12, 2006