4180 Staff Development

  • The Campbell County School District Board of Trustees recognizes that continued training and development of all district staff is essential to the efficient, economical and successful operation of the schools. All staff will be encouraged to grow in the knowledge and skills needed in their work.
    The Board of Trustees acknowledges the need to provide for staff development that:
    1. fosters the growth or increases the effectiveness of individuals in their employment roles;
    2. fosters the school improvement process and /or implementation or improvement of an instructional program that supports the achievement of state or school standards and district goals by all students;
    3. fosters the improvement of the school as an organization by enhancing the capacity of all staff to work together constructively in accomplishing goals and identifying and solving problems; and
    4. provides for proper implementation of and compliance with statutory regulations.
    The Board of Trustees expects and obligates the District to have and continue to develop programs of effective professional development for all employees.
    The Board of Trustees realizes that in meeting the needs of the individual and/or District, there will be recognition for various levels of certification, demonstrated skills and continued training in all employment areas.
    The Board of Trustees understands and expects that professional development is an ongoing process requiring long- and short-range planning using needs assessments, goal-setting, and formal and informal assessments.
    ADOPTION DATE: March 10, 1992; Revised February 27, 1995; Renumbered May 22, 1995 (formerly 4150) ; Revised February 12, 2002; Reviewed October 24, 2006; Reviewed April 28, 2015