4181 Staff Wellness

  • The district recognizes the benefits to both employers and employees of workplace programs that promote and support employee health and wellness.  Worksite wellness programs have been shown to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and on-the-job injuries, and improve morale and the quality of life for employees.  Wellness programs play an important role in containing health care costs for employers and employees.

    Campbell County School District wellness programs have the greatest impact on improving the overall health status of a majority of employees.  Our primary focus is on preventing healthy employees from developing chronic diseases by reducing employee risk factors.  Campbell County School District supports opportunities for employees to become more physically active, select healthier foods, avoid tobacco, and manage stress.  Our wellness programs offer education to employees with existing chronic disease conditions to help them better manage these conditions, and prevent the further progression of those diseases through disease management programs.

    ADOPTION DATE:  July 21, 2010; Reviewed May 12, 2015