4201-R Sick Leave Bank

  • The Return to Work Committee will use the following rules and regulations in administering the Sick Leave Bank:

    1.Any employee of Campbell County School District who works 30 or more hours per week is eligible to join the Sick Leave Bank. Those who wish to join the bank must do so between September 1 and October 15 of each new year by donating one (1) day of their sick leave.
    2.Employees who work less than full time may participate in the Sick Leave Bank by donating one day (8 hours) of their accumulated Sick Leave to the bank, the same as full time employees requirements.

    3.Donated sick leave days will be forfeited by the contributing employee. The donated days will not revert back to the employee, should the employee choose to discontinue membership, or be denied continued membership because of failure to contribute additional days in the Sick Leave Bank. The days in the Sick Leave Bank will be cumulative from year to year.

    4.The bank is for their spouse's, child's or their catastrophe only. (Catastrophe: A sudden calamity; a great misfortune - please also see #14 below). Only members of the Sick Leave Bank may apply to use days from the bank. 

    5.The committee requests a physician's letter verifying a catastrophic situation. 

    6.Members are only eligible to apply for Sick Leave Bank days (8 hour equivalent) equal to the number of days she/he had available to her/him when the catastrophe occurred. These days recommended by the Return to Work Committee would not require repayment to the Sick Leave Bank. If additional days are needed the member may reapply for additional days. The days, if approved at this level, would have to be repaid at the rate of two days (8 hours) per year. The maximum number of days that an employee may utilize will be the number that it takes for them to reach Short Term Disability if for themselves, or the number of days at the start of the current contract period if for their spouse or child. Days granted by the Return to Work Committee will be through the conclusion of the school year, or the employee's current contract period.

    7.Any member of the bank need not necessarily contribute one day each year. After initial one day contribution, additional days will be withdrawn from bank members' accumulated days only when the total number of days in the bank falls below 100. This will be done annually in October.

    8.Sick Leave Bank benefits are applicable for the duration of the employee's continuous employment.

    9.Sick Leave Bank days may not be drawn until the employee has utilized all days available to the employee; i.e. sick leave, convenience leave, vacation leave, comp time, etc.

    10.An employee's request must include the number of days desired from the bank. The number of days asked for cannot extend past the current school year.

    11.All records for the bank will be kept in the Human Resources Department. Applications to use days from the bank should be made to that office.

    12.All requests must be submitted in written form at the earliest possible time. In an emergency, requests may be made verbally, but must be followed by a written request at the earliest possible time.

    13.For the purpose of this regulation the term day or days shall refer to eight (8) hours of employment.

    14. The Return to Work Committee realizes situations may occur outside of the definition of "catastrophic".  These circumstances, by their serious, unpredictable or uncontrollable nature, may warrant an exception to the rule.  The Return to Work Committee will request evidence of the extenuating circumstances.
    15.The role of the Return to Work Committee is to allow or disallow the request of the employee based upon the above rules and regulations.

    ADOPTION DATE: September 28, 1998; Revised August 23, 1999; Reviewed December 12, 2006; Revised May 12, 2015.