4206 Informal Leave

  • Administrators, supervisors and managers may approve informal leave requests by employees utilizing the following conditions:

    1.  The time period of an approved informal leave request should not exceed one and one-half (1 1/2) hours.

    2.  Informal leave is for release time which causes an employee to be gone from his/her "instructional or normal work" day.

    3.  The administrator, supervisor or manager and/or the requesting staff member are responsible for proper coverage of instruction or other job related duties.  A substitute employee is not to be hired for this type of leave.

    4.  Administrators, supervisors and managers should keep a log with approved informal leave requests listed.  The administrator, supervisor or manager and the requesting employee should initial the log.

    5.  The administrator, supervisor or manager may make arrangements for the informal leave time to be made up by the requesting employee.  In the case of Educational Support Personnel this may take the form of trade time during the regular work week.

    6.  This type of leave may be used in conjunction with other leave types with supervisor approval.

    ADOPTION DATE:  March 27m 1995; Reviewed December 12, 2006; Revised January 13, 2015; Reviewed May 26, 2015