4218 Workers' Compensation

  • Employees covered under Wyoming Workers' Compensation are those working in jobs defined by the state as extra-hazardous occupations and listed in Regulation 4218-R. Wyoming Workers’ Compensation will manage injuries and job related illnesses suffered by Campbell County School District employees in these positions.

    If temporary disability benefits amount to less than two-thirds of an employee's regular pay, the employee may use a portion of his or her earned leave to make up the difference. If earned leave is used, gross income from both sources will not exceed two-thirds of the employee's regular pay.

    ADOPTION DATE: April 26, 1993; Revised February 28, 1994; April 10, 1995; March 11, 1996; Revised April 14, 1997; Revised June 14, 1999 Reviewed February 13, 2007; Reviewed May 26, 2015; Revised December 11, 2018

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): State Workers' Compensation Act, Wyoming State Statutes 27-14- 101 through 27-1014-805, Family & Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4219, 4219-R, 4220, 4220-R, 4229, 4229-R