4218-R Workers' Compensation

  • Employees covered under Wyoming Workers' Compensation Insurance are those working in jobs defined by the state as extra-hazardous occupations, as listed below: 

    1. Transportation employees (excluding safety patrol and non-special education bus assistants), special education bus assistants, and mechanics
    2. Custodians and maintenance personnel
    3. Nutrition Services personnel
    4. Professional Nurses
    5. Industrial arts and agriculture teachers (shop instructors), family and consumer science instructors (FACS), and science teachers
    6. Printing department personnel
    7. Warehouse personnel
    8. Electronics technicians
    9. Special Program assistants, while working directly with a student receiving special education services
    10. Certified special education teachers and related service providers, while working directly with a student receiving special education services

    This list is subject to change as required by state statute.

    All other employees of Campbell County School District are not covered by any form of job-related injury insurance.

    Post-Offer, Pre-Employment and Return to Work Fit-For-Duty Physicals

    Prospective employees who are covered under Workers’ Compensation are required to successfully complete a post-offer, pre-employment physical. An employee who has sustained a job-related injury or illness and has been on an extended medical leave for at least 30 days will be required to pass a return-to-work, fit-for-duty physical prior to returning to work.

    ADOPTION DATE: April 26, 1993; February 28, 1994; Revised April 10, 1995; Revised April 22, 1996; Revised April 14, 1997; Revised June 14, 1999; Revised February 13, 2007; Revised July 1, 2015; Revised December 11, 2018

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): State Workers' Compensation Act, Wyoming State Statutes 27-14- 101 through 27-1014-805, Family & Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4218, 4219, 4219-R, 4220, 4220-R, 4229, 4229-R