4229-R Return to Work Program

  • Employees who are away from work appreciate the contact and concern of their supervisor. This contact must occur on a regular basis, and the Department of Human Resources needs to be made aware of any request for accommodation when the employee is capable of returning to work. The Return to Work Team will be in contact with the administrator/supervisor or building secretary on a weekly basis to check on the condition of any employee who remains off work.

    The Return to Work Team will be responsible for review of the status of all employees who are absent from work due to a work-related injury or extended sick leave, or are out on a family leave or medical leave for five (5) days or more; communication with medical providers; possible assignment to a case management service; communication with insurance providers; employee medical files; communication with the insured regarding medical bills, doctor visits, diagnosis, etc.; and communicating with supervisors and administrators regarding returning employees to work with the District. The Return to Work Team will use the Campbell County School District Job Description, individual job posting information and the District's Return to Work form to determine if an employee can meet all the essential functions of the job, with or without accommodations. The order of preference for return to work or alternate duty assignments will be as follows:

    1. Within building, within department
    2. Outside building, within department
    3. Inside building, outside department
    4. Outside building, outside department

    The Return to Work Team will be comprised of the Human Resources Manager, the Assistant Human Resources Manager, the Deputy Superintendent, the Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support, the Director of Student Support Services, the Wellness and Safety Manager, and the District Head Nurse.

    Employees covered under Worker’s Compensation

    Employees who are covered under Worker’s Compensation are required to successfully pass a Return to Work, Fit-for-Duty physical following an extended medical absence of 30 days or more, due to a work-related injury.


    September 13, 1993; Revised April 10, 1995; Revised January 14, 1999; Editorial revision February 27, 2007; Revised July 18, 2018.


    State Workers' Compensation Act, & Wyoming State Statutes 27-14-101 through 27-10-805, Family & Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act



    4216 , 4216-R , 4229, 4219, 4219-R, 4218, 4218-R