4255 Insurance Policies

  • ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION:  Campbell County School District will pay a portion of premiums on adopted group health insurance plans within limits established annually by the Board of Trustees. Such premiums will be paid for all full-time or eligible part-time regular general fund employees. Employees paid by grants or funds other than the general fund are eligible to participate in the insurance program.  The grant or fund administrator is responsible for the employer's portion of the insurance premium.
    Employees on medical leave of absence or on other unpaid leave, with the exception of family leave, may participate in the District's group insurance plan if they pay the full premium (employee share plus employer share) during the time of the absence. Employees on family leave will follow policy 4220.
    New employees have thirty (30) days to elect to participate in the Campbell County School District Health Insurance Plan. Coverage begins the first day of the month following election to participate. Employees may add, change, or drop coverage if the change is consistent with a “Change in Status” as defined in the benefit plan of Campbell County School District. An annual open enrollment period will be announced by the Health Insurance Plan Administrator. Employees may choose to enroll at this time provided they meet the requirements of Campbell County School District and the authorized insurance carrier.
    Employee payment portions and eligibility to enroll for health insurance coverage will be based on the following full time equivalent chart:
    Employee payment portions and eligibility to enroll for heath insurance coverage will be based on the following:
    ESP Staff:  Minimum 30 hours per week and be a regular employee;
    Certified Staff:  Minimum .75 FTE (full-time equivalent) and be a regular employee.
    Life insurance and long-term disability insurance is provided to all employees with the following exclusions; student employees, employees who are classified as substitutes, and employees who are classified as temporary.
    ADOPTION DATE: June 26, 1984; Revised August 14, 1984; June 24, 1986; July 15, 1987; November 26, 1991; January 16, 1994; February 27, 1995; May 8, 1995 (formerly 4146); Revised September 26, 2006; Revised March 1, 2013; Revised July 1, 2014.