4390-R Child Abuse

  • Guidelines for Referring Possible Child Abuse Cases

    All Campbell County School District certified and educational support personnel employees are mandatory reporters of possible child abuse. When acting in an official school district capacity, suspected child abuse reports must be presented by the employee to the appropriate principal, or designee.

    The principal, or designee, is responsible for forming and submitting a written report to the Department of Family Services (DFS) or local law enforcement agency containing the following information:

    Name, address and age of student; name and address of parents, guardians or caretakers; nature and extent of injuries or description of neglect; and any other pertinent information about the injuries or condition.

    The principal, or designee, will notify the Superintendent that a referral has been written and submitted to the appropriate child protection agency.

    The principal, or designee, will confirm with the responsible governmental agency that a written report confirming or not confirming the facts reported has been made by the responsible governmental agency.  The principal will keep a log of dates and times of interviews related to possible child abuse.  The principal, or designee, who submits the report to DFS or law enforcement, shall notify the reporting teacher or employee that a report has been made to the proper authorities.
    September 27, 1988; Revised August 27, 1991; July 12, 1993; Renumbered May 22, 1995 (formerly 4290-R); Revised February 27, 1996; Reviewed October 23, 2007; Revised August 23, 2016