4625-R Political Involvement – Elective Offices

  • Employees subject to this regulation will be permitted to become candidates for elective public office while holding active salaried status, providing they can demonstrate that such candidacy will not in any way interfere with their district duties and that every precaution will be taken to avoid involving the name of the District in the campaign.
    The Board of Trustees reserves the right to review all requests. However, the political involvement of district employees will nto be restricted, provided:

    1.Absences for political activities have prior approval by administration.

    2.No school facilities, equipment, or supplies are used for campaigning or for other political activities.

    3.The employee does not discuss the campaign with school personnel or students during the work day or use any time during the work day for campaigning purposes.

    4.If a district employee elects to take part in political campaigning activities during normal work hours ( and is not on a political leave of absence), the employee must use vacation, personal or compensatory time off.
    5.If the campaign involves a state or national office, please refer to Policy 4626.

    ADOPTION DATE: June 8, 1982; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised February 8, 1993; July 20, 1994 (formerly 4140); Revised November 11, 2008; Reviewed September 8, 2015
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4610, 4630, 4665 4625