4626 Political Leave of Absence

  • An employee of the District who becomes a candidate for a state (non-legislative) or national elective office as defined below and who is subject to this policy shall consult with his/her administrator about the effects of such candidacy on his/her school or department. The administrator shall at all times ensure that student and other district interests are protected. A plan to ensure adequate coverage of duties will be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools and approved by the Board of Trustees.
    Campaign: If nominated, the employee shall be granted leave without salary reduction during the campaign as follows:

    (a) for election to a state non-legislative office (Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary, Superintendent): not to exceed sixty (60) working days;

    (b) for election to a national position: not to exceed sixty (60) working days; The employee will be required to reimburse substitute expenses incurred by the District due to the employee’s leave.
    Election: If elected to an office which will not allow continuance of district duties, the employee will be required to tender a resignation.

    ADOPTION DATE: December 9, 2008; Reviewed September 8, 2015.