4630-R Holding Office

  • The following regulations apply to all those seeking to serve in district, state and national offices:

    1.Supervisors must review all requests. Supervisors will determine amount of leave to be approved based on building or department needs.

    2.Supervisors must be willing to support half of the cost of substitute staff from the building/department budget.

    3.The District will match substitute days allocated for service by the employee’s supervisor.

    4.Supervisors are encouraged to inquire about additional funding sources (sponsoring organizations, Title II, Staff Development, etc.).

    5.Following approval by the supervisor and district administration, requests will be made to the Board by consent agenda.

    6.All requests supported or denied by supervisors will be reviewed by the Human Resources Director.

    ADOPTION DATE: April 22, 2008; Reviewed September 8, 2015.
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): Policy 4630