4660 Officiating and Judging Activities

  • The school district recognizes the need for an exchange of athletic officials and various contest judges between other school districts. Some of these contests are held at times that conflict with the employee's normal work day. Absences of this type are to be kept to a minimum. In such situations the following rules will apply:

    Persons requesting to leave the school day early will have the permission of their principal and the Director of Activities.
    Persons leaving prior to the end of the normal day to officiate/work out of District contests will:
    opt for a pay dock for that time; or
    use convenience leave, by the hour
    Campbell County School District employees will be given compensation for officiating, judging or supervising in-district activities during the regular school day.
    Requests to officiate or judge state or regional events will be handled on an individual basis. Employees will submit requests to their respective principal and to the Human Resources Department for approval.

    October 27, 1981; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; August 6, 1991; Reviewed July 11, 1994 (formerly 4138.1); Revised March 13, 2001; Reviewed November 13, 2007; reviewed September 22, 2015