4675 Copyright

  • Campbell County School District in recognizing the importance of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) hereby notifies all employees that a willful infringement of the law may result in disciplinary action. In the case of a court action for damages, a finding of willful infringement would preclude the District paying any judgment rendered against the employee and paying any attorney's fees or costs which the employee would incur in conjunction with a lawsuit and may render the employee liable to the District for any damages which the District is liable to pay.

    Any use or reproduction of copyright materials will be done either with the written permission of the copyright holder or within the bounds of "Fair Use" guidelines provided in the Copyright Act; otherwise, the individual responsible for use or reproduction may be liable for infringing the copyright under existing laws.

    School Board employees may use or reproduce copyrighted materials under the provisions of the copyright laws currently in force under Title 17 of the United States Code.

    1 - Becker, Gary H., Consultant. Copyright: A Guide to Information and Resources. Lake Mary, Florida, 1992.

    June 24, 1986; Revised June 12, 1995 (formerly 4240); Reviewed January 8, 2008

    PL 94-533; The Copyright Revision Act of 1976; Title 17, United States Code



    Information and excerpts for the policy and regulation were taken from Copyright: A Guide to Information and Resources1 by Gary H. Becker, Consultant. Further information and detail can be found in this book. A copy of this guide can be borrowed from District Media Services or any school library media center.