6143 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

  • Campbell County School District defines instructional materials as all materials used within classrooms and all materials circulated from the school library/media center whether they be books, pamphlets, magazines, study prints, pictures, projectable materials, maps, data bases, or electronically recorded and reproducible materials.

    Should a resident of Campbell County believe an item to be inappropriate for student use, the District will provide a process for reconsideration of the material.

    ADOPTION DATE: May 8, 1984; Revised October 11, 1988; Revised February 11, 1992; Revised October 10, 1994 (formerly 6163.2), Reviewed September 8, 1997; Reviewed November 9, 2004: Reviewed November 8, 2011



    ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION: 6143-R , including Reconsideration Request Form