6350-R Participation in Grant or Entitlement Programs Under Title I

  • Title I Participation In Grant or Entitlement Programs Under Title I

    • Special compensatory education programs under Title I for educationally deprived students shall be instituted and maintained as outlined under the provisions of Title I, Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981.  These programs shall be conducted in strict compliance with current appropriate rules and regulations published by the Department of Education of the United States government.
    • The District Title I program shall be under the supervision of the Coordinator of Federal Programs.
    • A survey shall be conducted annually of all District school attendance areas to ascertain eligibility for Title I programs and to determine which eligible schools shall be included within the Title I program.
    • Students from qualified school attendance areas, including those students attending nonpublic schools, who are achieving below the expected level in language arts and mathematics, shall be entitled to services from the Title I program.  Assessment of students in the determination of eligibility shall be in accordance with current state and federal regulations.
    • Assessment and placement of students in Title I programs shall be the responsibility of the building principal and individual responsible for Federal Programs.
    • Specific details concerning the District Title I program are contained in the consolidated grant application and/or supplement, which is submitted annually to the Wyoming Department of Education.
    • Title I staff and administrators of target public and nonpublic schools shall be consulted in the design and implementation of the annual Title I program plan.
    • Parents of the children being served in the Title I program shall have an adequate opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of the annual Title I program plan.
    • All parents of eligible children shall be invited to at least one public meeting annually to discuss the programs and activities carried out with Title I funds.  The purpose of the meeting will be to inform parents of their right to consult in the design and implementation of Title I projects, to solicit parents' input and to provide parents with an opportunity to establish mechanisms for maintaining ongoing communication among parents, teachers, social workers, and District administrators.
    ADOPTION DATE: October 10, 1997; Major revision October 13, 2015