Substitute Teachers

  • The Human Resource office coordinates the employment and placement of substitute teachers. We also provide orientation and training for our substitutes.

    For more information please contact:
    Human Resources
    • The Campbell County School District has implemented an automated placement system that streamlines the notification and scheduling process for substitutes. 
    • SmartFind utilizes both the telephone and the internet to assist substitutes in locating jobs.
    • Users guides can be located and accessed by clicking on the links located in the Files section of this website.



    Applicants who have 60 or more college credits from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university can apply for the traditional route.

    Please review the following required elements of the licensure process:

    Wyoming PTSB Application link:

    NOTE:  You will fill out the application online by downloading and saving it to your computer and then accessing the saved document and filling it out (you can’t fill out the one online, it must be downloaded and saved to your computer in order to fill it out).  You will save the document once you are completed and then email the application to

    Requirements for Traditional Route Substitute Teacher Permit - completion applicants:

    • Download application to your computer and open saved document then begin filling it out


    • Page 2 – Fill out all boxes and check yes or no boxes in the middle section


    • Page 3 - Fill out all yes or no questions. If you answer yes to #4 please make sure to follow the check box instructions and include a personal statement and or court records of incident. Make sure to print, sign & date at bottom


    • Page 4 –
    • Check top Initial Substitute Teacher Permit box
    • Under Traditional Route
    • Make sure to check the official transcript box and provide a copy of your OFFICIAL transcript to PTSB at


    • Page 5 – Official Transcripts documenting the completion of AT LEAST 60 college/university credits:
    • You must request a copy of your official transcripts. You will need to contact your college/university and get an official transcript sent to you (DO NOT OPEN IT – leave the transcript in the sealed envelope) OR you may also have your college/university send your transcripts via email directly to Wyoming PTSB at  Please make sure to indicate on page 17 the date the transcript was requested, how your transcripts will be sent (hard copy or electronic), the college/university the transcript will be sent from and your full name while you were enrolled.


    • Page 6 – Verification of U.S. and Wyoming Constitution:
    • Fill out top section.
    • If you attended a Wyoming college/university you should have taken one of the below courses. There is a list of the courses below that suffice as fulfillment for this requirement.  I have also attached the study guides in case you haven’t taken any of the courses for college credit.  If you haven’t taken any of the courses you will be required to take the two short quizzes online after applying with PTSB; they are each 20 multiple choice questions and you have to get 15/20 correct.  If you do not pass you are able to take them as many times as necessary to pass. To obtain the exams(s) digitally through PTSB, please send an email to, and be sure to include which exam(s) you will need to take in your email request (U.S. Constitution and Wyoming Constitution).  Please note that the digital exams are scored automatically. If you do not pass the exam(s), you will need to send another request to You will fill in your date the exams were taken and your scores and PTSB will verify them when they receive your application.


    • Listed below are the five Wyoming college and university courses that PTSB accepts to fulfill both U.S. & Wyoming Constitution requirement:
    • HIST 1211: US History to 1865
    • HIST 1221: US History from 1865
    • HIST 1251: Wyoming History
    • POLS 1000: American & Wyoming Government
    • ECON 1200: Business, Law, & Government
    • POLS 1000 XM: American & Wyoming Government with a grade of “S” for 1 credit by exam through the Political Science Dept.
    • POLS 1100: Wyoming Government


    • Submission of Wyoming Fingerprint Cards including a background check:
    • We have blank finger print cards available at Educational Services Center located at 1000 W. 8th St. if you want to stop and get them. We ask that you go to the Gillette Police Department downtown to complete these.  They ONLY fingerprint on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1:00pm to 4:30pm.  It costs $5 and you need to bring your picture ID.  You will mail both fingerprint cards to: 


    Professional Teaching Standards Board

    2001 Capitol Avenue

    Emerson Building #128

    Cheyenne, WY 82002


    • Submission of a complete application packet:
    • Once you have all the above completed you will email a copy of the saved application to and have your transcripts sent directly to PTSB as well as mail your fingerprint cards to them.



    NOTE: Once you receive your permit back via email, you will then go to and click on the employment tab and job opening & online application and find the position for substitute teacher and apply.  You will fill out the application and then upload a copy of your substitute teacher permit.  Then Human Resources will contact you to begin the new hire paperwork with Campbell County School District.

    Mail To: 

    Professional Teaching Standards Board

    1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400

    Cheyenne, WY 82002


    *Please allow PTSB 4-6 weeks to process your substitute teacher application


    Upon receipt of your substitute teacher permit in the mail, please visit the Campbell County School District website at  Click on employment tab, then job opening & online application link.  You will then click on the substitute teacher position and fill out necessary paperwork and upload your substitute teacher permit.


    NOTE: You will not become an active substitute with the district until have filled out the application for the position on the school district website, uploaded your certificate online and been contacted by Human Resources.


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