CCSD Wellness Policy

  • 4181-R Staff Wellness  

    1.  Maintain a wellness infrastructure that includes a district wellness director and wellness committee to plan and implement wellness programs throughout the district.

    2.  Raise awareness among employees regarding the importance of lifestyle behaviors that promote good health and provide employees information and resources on how to make changes that reduce their risk for chronic diseases.

    3.  Promote change to workplace policies and environments that promote and support employees in being more physically active, having access to healthier food, avoiding tobacco and managing stress.

    4.  Provide programs and activities at the workplace that offer employees increased opportunities to be physically active, eat healthier food, stop using tobacco and manage stress.

    5.  Support "Healthy Schools" initiatives by striving to model healthy lifestyles choices.

    6.  Elicit ongoing employee feedback to plan and implement programs that meet the needs and interests of employees.

    ADOPTION DATE:  July 21, 2010