4035-R National Certification Incentive

  • The following annual payments for National Certification will be:
    • Teacher                               $4000
    • Counselor                            $4000
    • Psychologist                         $2500
    • Physical Therapist                 $2500
    • Speech Pathologist                $2500
    • Occupational Therapist          $2000
    • Nurse                                  $1000
    • Vision & Mobility Specialists   $1000
    • Adaptive Physical Education  $1000
    • Counselor                            $1000
    • Social Worker                       $1000
    The following are the nationally recognized governing agencies for each occupation:

    Teacher                  National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    Counselor                National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    Psychologist             National Association of School Psychologist
    Physical Therapist     American Physical Therapy Association
    Speech Pathologist    American Speech-Language Hearing Association
    Occupational Therapist     National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
    Nurse                      National Board for Certification of School Nurses, Inc.
    Vision & Mobility Specialists    Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education
    Adaptive Physical Education   The National Consortium on Physical Education and Recreation
                                            for Individuals with Disabilities

    Counselor                      National Board for Certified Counselors
    Social Worker                 National Association of Social Workers

    ADOPTION DATE:  December 13, 2005; October 10, 2006.