4065 Temporary and Substitute Employees

  • I. Temporary Employees 

    The Board of Trustees authorizes the employment of temporary personnel to fill in for regular employees for extended periods of time at times when an increased work load necessitates additional assistance for a limited duration.

    Temporary employees are eligible for holiday pay if other policy stipulations are met, but they do not qualify for retirement, sick leave, vacation leave or other fringe benefits unless required by state or federal law or regulation.

    Any temporary employee retained in the same position as a regular employee with no break in service will have retirement benefits apply retroactively from the date of first employment, if approved by the Wyoming Retirement System. 

    II. Substitutes - Certified and Educational Support Personnel 

    A substitute is an individual who is qualified to be employed as a substitute for a regular employee.

    Substitute employees will be hired on the basis of application and qualification.

    ADOPTION DATE: June 13, 1994; Reviewed March 24, 1997; Reviewed January 24, 2006; Revised February 10, 2015.


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): Combines 4122.1, 4406, 4406.2