4085-R Time Clock

  • Each employee defined in this policy is required to have a record of hours worked. In departments using time clocks, the following regulations will apply:

    1.      Employees are required to punch at their assigned start time and must punch out when they go off duty.

    2.      Employees are required to clock out any time they leave the work site for any reason other than assigned work duties.

    3.      Unless permission to do otherwise is authorized in writing by the employee's supervisor, no employee may clock in more than 7 minutes prior to the start of their shift. Employees may not clock out more than 7 minutes prior to the end of their work time.

    4.      Clocking in within the time-frame specified in item three will be calculated as an on-time report for duty.

    5.      Depending on the department procedures, time recorded will be the work-time paid, or employees will be paid from time sheets verified by actual punched times. Any adjustments to the recorded time must be approved by the employee's supervisor. Managers will be accountable to their department head for any manual changes submitted.

    6.      Unless a department is utilizing a system with an automatic lunch deduction, employees must clock out for their designated lunch break.

    7.      Employees should not clock out for designated break times and must stay on campus during break time unless approval has been granted by the supervisor.

    8.      Performing time clock operations on behalf of another employee is strictly forbidden.

    Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary actions, including oral or written warnings, suspension without pay and/or termination.


    ADOPTION DATE:  March 23, 2010