4120 Staff Reduction - Continuing Contract Certified

  • 4120 Staff Reduction-Continuing Contract Certified

    In times of decreased enrollments, inadequate financial resources, changes in educational programs, or other such circumstances beyond the control of Campbell County School District #1, all areas of the District's budget will be studied for possible reductions. The District will make every effort to retain employees; however, the number of employees may, under some circumstances, have to be reduced.

    For purposes of this policy, "teachers" shall include classroom teachers, librarians, nurses, psychologists, and other certificated\licensed, but non-administrative personnel.

    The Wyoming statutory reference to reduction-in-force is found in Wyoming Statute 21-7-111(a)(iv)(1977) where reduction-in-force is defined as follows:

    “The termination of the contract of a teacher at the end of the current school year because of a decrease in the size of the faculty due to decreased enrollment, combining of school districts or an event beyond the control of the board."

    A decision to reduce the number of teachers will, in all cases, remain within the sole discretion and judgment of the Board of Trustees under provisions of Wyoming law and this policy.

    It is the policy of the District to use normal attrition of teachers consisting of resignations and retirements as the first means of achieving a reduction-in-force. However, in certain cases, normal attrition may not be sufficient to achieve the necessary reduction-in-force. In the event that further reduction-in-force is necessary, it shall be accomplished as provided in this policy.

    In the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of teachers within the District, such reductions will be accomplished in the following manner:


    1. The District administration will assess the staffing needs of the District for the forthcoming school year and determine the number of teachers that will be recommended for reduction.
    2. In areas in which there is a surplus of teachers, initial contract teachers will be recommended for termination before continuing contract teachers. An "area" is defined as certificate endorsement and present assignment within the District.
    3. If there are no initial contract teachers in an area of surplus, or if there still exists a surplus of continuing contract teachers after terminating all initial contract teachers in the area of surplus, the District administration will attempt to reassign surplus continuing contract teachers to positions in which they have certificate endorsement. The attempted reassignment will be to areas of endorsement where there are vacancies or where there are positions held by initial contract teachers.
    4. If there still exists a surplus of continuing contract teachers after attempted reassignment, as set forth in paragraph c., the District administration shall examine the records of continuing contract teachers within the area of surplus so as to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for termination of continuing contract teachers due to reduction-in-force in the following order or priority:
      1.  The continuing contract teacher's total years of teaching experience in Campbell County School District #1. Seniority shall be given preference. Seniority is defined as: The number of years employed as a teacher in the District, prorated in accordance with the percent of time listed in each employment contract.
      2.  The continuing contract teacher's skill, ability, and competence as reflected by the written evaluations completed by the teacher's past and present immediate supervisor(s).
      3.  The Superintendent of Schools will strongly consider seniority in the District if standard certification exists, to help determine a reduction-in-force. However, the Superintendent will consider the best interests of Campbell County School District students relating to its curricular and extracurricular needs and will not be bound strictly by seniority.
    5.  If a teacher who has been identified for reduction-in-force has a current assignment of teaching in more than one area, the District shall follow the procedures outlined in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) for teachers in the other area(s).
    6.  Surplus continuing contract teachers shall be recommended by the District administration to the Board of Trustees for termination from employment by the District in accordance with Wyoming law.

     Nothing in this reduction-in-force policy shall require the promotion of a teacher to a position of higher rank, authority, or compensation, even though a teacher who is recommended for termination due to reduction-in-force is qualified for the promotional position.

    ADOPTION DATE: June 11, 1985; Revised January 13, 1987; March 8, 1988; July 20, 1994; Revised January 23, 2001; Major Revision September 27, 2016.

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): Section 21, Chapter 7, Articles 1 and 3 of the Wyoming Education Code of 1969 as amended 1999.