4180-R Staff Development

  • Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Certification Incentive Program


    CCSD encourages the professional development of ESP employees and recognizes the importance of professional growth of all employees.  ESP employees in the following positions may be eligible for certification incentive programs as follows:


    Bus Mechanic – Level I                                     $1250

    Bus Mechanic – Level II                                    $2000


    Certified Educational Office Employee              $1500

    Certified Professional Secretary                        $1500


    Certified Public Procurement Officer                 $1250


    Custodial – Level I                                             $500

    Custodial – Level II                                            $1000


    District/Building Tech – Level I                           $1000

    District Tech – Level 2                                        $2000

    District Tech – Level 3 + LVG of Record            $2500


    Food Service – Level I                                        $500


    HI Interpreters                                                     $1500


    HVAC LTD Tech                                                 $1250

    HVAC LTD Tech of Record - Lead                     $1750


    Journeyman Electrician                                       $2000

    Master Electrician                                                $2500

    Master Electrician – Lead                                    $3500


    Journeyman Plumber                                           $2000

    Master Plumber                                                    $2500

    Master Plumber – Lead                                        $3500


    Skilled Craftsman                                                 $1250


    An employee’s supervisor may recommend a certification incentive after the employee meets the established criteria, completes an application process, and is employed for 12 months.  Any incentive must be applicable to the employee’s position.   Employees will be allowed to earn one certification incentive.  Certification incentives are not available for supervisors/managers.


    Professional Development Classes


    Certified and Educational Support Personnel (ESP) are encouraged to participate in any professional development classes offered by the District to improve their job performance. Classes may be offered that more specifically address the job requirements of either ESP or certified; however, all classes will be available to all staff, regardless of job classification. In an effort to encourage participation in Wellness classes, the District will offer a $50 incentive to individuals who complete thirty (30) contact hours of approved Wellness classes. Individuals will receive the incentive for three (3) years. Individuals will be limited to three (3) incentives per year and will not be allowed to receive an incentive for the same class more than once (i.e., receive the incentive for three [3] years and then take the same class to get the incentive again).

    ADOPTION DATE: March 10, 1992; Editorial Revisions August 8, 1992; Revised February 21, 1996; Revised October 24, 2006; Reviewed October 24, 2006; Major Revision June 14, 2011; Reviewed April 28, 2015


    CROSS REFERENCE(S):4180, 4182