4203 Sick Leave Reimbursement

  • Absences by staff members occur for a number of reasons, most of which are legitimate and unavoidable. These absences, by their nature, are a natural part of people's lives and should be accommodated.

    However, Campbell County School District realizes that good attendance on the part of employees improves and enhances the ability of students to learn successfully and the ability of the District to function effectively. The emphasis of this policy is on recognizing and rewarding those who do have good attendance and are in good standing with the District.

    In order to provide an incentive to reward those employees with good attendance, accumulated sick days, in excess of 60 days, will be reimbursed under the following formulas:

    At the time an employee leaves the District, he or she will be reimbursed for unused sick leave and unused convenience leave, according to the following below.

    For Days accumulated on or after July 1, 1994:
    61-120 days    120 + days     
    Educational Support Personnel-
    on hourly schedule or non-exempt
    ESP schedule
    $15 per day$20 per day
    Certified & Licensed Professional Employees$20 per day$25 per day
    Administration/Supervisors -
    includes non-exempt managers
    $25 per day$30 per day
    Accumulated Sick Leave Reimbursement Prior to July 1, 1994:

    This Section of the Sick Leave Reimbursement Policy shall be revoked. The effective date of revocation shall be June 30, 2006. Only current employees at that date who have not resigned will be affected by the revocation of this section of Policy 4203.
    All employees with qualifying days accumulated on or before June 30, 1994 shall be reimbursed for those days, according to the formula described below. Reimbursement shall occur on or before June 30, 2006.
    61-120 days120 + days
    All employees.25 daily rate of pay @ June 30, 1994.50 daily rate of pay @ June 30, 1994
    The number of days reimbursed under this policy will be deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance as of June 30, 2006. The first sixty days of the June 30, 1994, qualifying balance will not be deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance.
    For the duration of their employment with Campbell County School District, any employee reimbursed for qualifying days at the time this Policy is revoked will have the right to exercise the following option:
    Employees reimbursed for accumulated sick days, which are deducted from their sick leave balance at the time this section of Policy 4203 is revoked, may purchase any or all of the days reimbursed, at the rate these days were reimbursed to the employee. In order to exercise this future option, the employee must have exhausted their current leave balance and also have a significant personal or family illness requiring the employee’s absence from work.
    If days for a specific employee are reimbursed at one fourth of the 1994 daily rate of pay and additional days at one half the 1994 rate of pay, days allowed to be repurchased will begin with those days reimbursed at the one fourth of daily rate of pay, and after all days reimbursed at that rate have been repurchased, days reimbursed at the one-half of daily pay will be allowed.
    All days repurchased will qualify for match in the sick leave bank upon being repurchased, providing the employee is a member of the sick leave bank prior to repurchase of days reimbursed.
    A statement containing days reimbursed, rate of reimbursement, and the wording of the right to exercise option above will be presented to each employee receiving reimbursement, with a copy kept in the employee’s file in the Human Resources Department.
    April 9, 1991; Revised April 1, 1996; Effective Date June 1, 2001.  Revised February 28, 2006; Effective Date June 30, 2006; Revised May 12, 2015


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