4219 - Post-Offer, Pre-Employment, and Return-to-Work, Fit-For-Duty Physical

  • Campbell County School District (CCSD) requires post-job offer, pre-employment physical testing for prospective employee candidates covered under Wyoming Workers’ Compensation. This is to ensure the prospective employees possess the physical capabilities necessary to safely perform the essential functions of the job. Employees covered under Wyoming Workers' Compensation are those working in jobs defined by the state as extra-hazardous occupations and listed in Regulation 4218-R. In addition, an employee who sustains a job-related injury or illness, and requires extended medical leave, will be required to successfully pass a return-to-work, fit-for-duty physical. This policy is designed to ensure candidates/employees are capable of performing all physical requirements of the position and to reduce the risk of job-related injuries.

    Offers of employment for jobs subject to this policy are contingent upon the prospective employee’s successful completion of a physical test specific to the job. The test must be completed post-job offer and before the prospective employee can begin work.  An existing employee who has sustained a job-related injury or illness, and has been on an extended medical leave for at least 30 days, will be required to pass a return-to-work, fit-for-duty physical prior to returning to work.

    Job classifications for which CCSD maintains documented physical requirements, approved by the Human Resources Office, shall be subject to this post-offer pre-employment physical and return to work fit-for-duty testing policy. All prospective employees in designated job classifications, including part-time and temporary hires, are subject to this policy. Existing employees seeking a transfer into a new job classification job are subject to the policy.

    ADOPTION DATE: August 27, 2013; Reviewed May 26, 2015; Revised December 11, 2018

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S):  State Workers’ Compensation Act, Wyoming State Statutes 27- 14-101 through 27-14-805, Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act.

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4218, 4218-R, 4208, 4208-R, 4220, 4220-R, 4229, 4229-R