4229 Return To Work Program

  • Campbell County School District's Return To Work Program is intended to help employees return to work as quickly as possible from absences due to work-related injuries, extended sick leave, family leave or medical leave. Assistance may include accommodations to the original job or temporary reassignment of the employee to an alternate job.


    October 11, 1993; Reviewed with no changes February 27, 2007; Reviewed with no changes July 18, 2018; Reviewed with no changes December 11, 2018.

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S):  State Workers’ Compensation Act, Wyoming State Statutes 27- 14-101 through 27-14-805, Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act.

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4216, 4216-R, 4218, 4218-R, 4219, 4219-R, 4208, 4208-R, 4220, 4220-R