4256 Insurance Delinquent Accounts

  • Campbell County School District requires prompt payment of premiums from staff and former staff in order to maintain enrolled status in our insurance plans.
    This policy defines the district’s expectations for payment of premiums and allows for exceptions in special cases.
    Payment Expectations:  Employees on unpaid leave, leave of absence, or whose salary is not sufficient to deduct the monthly premium, and retirees, are required to make insurance premium payments.  Insurance payments are due the first day of the month.  An account becomes past due if balances owed are not received by the Benefits Specialist by the 15th day of that month.
    Payment Exceptions:  Employees with special financial situations will be accommodated if prior arrangements are made with the Director of Human Resources.  Such arrangements must include a written payment schedule, signed by the employee/retiree, which will bring the balance(s) current within 90 days.  It is the responsibility of the employee/retiree to bring special situations to the attention of the Director of Human Resources.
    If no communication or reply is made 60 days from the premium(s) due date, employee’s/retiree’s insurance(s) will be cancelled.
    Retirees, once cancelled from the group insurance plan, will not be allowed to re-enroll in the plan.
    ADOPTION DATE:  October 10. 2006