4260-R Mileage Reimbursement

  • Campbell County School District will provide mileage reimbursement to employees in the following instances. Unless otherwise stated below, the mileage rate for reimbursement will be the Internal Revenue Service-approved rate.

    For the purposes of this regulation, "rural schools" will include 4-J, Little Powder and Recluse Schools. "Distant schools" will include 4-J, Cottonwood, Little Powder, Recluse and Wright Junior/Senior High Schools.

    Circumstances not covered in this regulation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to approval by the Human Resources Department.

    1)     Rural School Employees
    A "rural school" is defined as a school located more than 20 miles from the nearest city limit of Gillette and located in the county where public services are not available. Public services are defined as grocery stores, medical services, mail delivery and automobile maintenance.

    Rural school employees will be compensated for travel to their rural school assignment according to the following schedule, effective July 1, 2005:

    -       Eligible rural school employees who travel 20 or more miles one way from their home to a rural school will be reimbursed at the rate of ½ of the federal reimbursement rate. Mileage will be verified by the school administrator.

    The compensable miles for each rural school, based on travel from Gillette, are:
                            Little Powder - 1800 miles per month

                            Recluse - 1400 miles per month

                            4-J - 1200 miles per month

    All rural school employees traveling 20 or more miles one way will receive the mileage listed above, to the appropriate rural school, multiplied by ½ of the federal reimbursement mileage rate established for that year.
    Employees who live more than 10 miles, but less than 20 miles one way from a rural school will be eligible for mileage reimbursement at ½ of the federal reimbursement rate, multiplied by ½ of the mileage listed above for the appropriate rural school.  Mileage will be verified by the school administrator.
    Extraordinary situations will be dealt with individually using the above compensation levels as a guideline.
    Only months in which the employee travels to the site for more than ten days will qualify for reimbursement.
    2)     Substitute Employees 

    Substitute employees will be reimbursed for mileage from home to a "distant schools" minus the first 10 miles each way. Mileage reimbursements will only be paid when the approved mileage form is utilized and are subject to the recommendation of the Human Resources Department. Traveling and Dual Assignment Teachers
    3)     Mileage reimbursement will be provided employees who drive their own vehicles between job locations during the school day as required by their approved daily schedules, and will also be provided for employees providing homebound services. A District vehicle is to be used whenever possible for travel to distant schools. Reimbursement requires prior approval by the employee's administrator/supervisor and will only be paid when the approved mileage form is utilized.
    4)     District Committee Service
    A school district vehicle will be used whenever available and practical.
    Mileage will be paid on miles traveled in excess of 200 miles per year to attend district committee meetings. In totaling mileage, only the distance from the job site or home site (whichever is closer) to the meeting site will be counted.
    Mileage will be paid for the following district-level committees and task forces:
    Curricular subject area committees
    Staff Communicators' Assembly
    Reconsideration Committee
    Sunshine Committee
    Wellness Committee
    Application for reimbursement is to be made annually during the last week of school. Employees are to log their miles on the approved mileage reimbursement form during the school year. Committee chairpersons/supervisors will be asked to certify the mileage by signing the reimbursement form before forwarding it to the Human Resources Department for payment.
    5)     Other District Meetings
    Administrators and supervisors will be reimbursed for travel to the following additional meetings utilizing the same guidelines found in Item 4 above:

    Leadership Team
    School Board Meetings.
    October 22, 1991; Revised July 11, 1994 (formerly 4130-R); May 8, 1995; Revised June 2, 2000 (editorial); Revised April 26, 2005; Reviewed April 10, 2007; Revised October 31, 2007; Revised December 9, 2008; Reviewed July 15, 2015