4610 Solicitation and Use of District Mail Services

    Building principals/supervisors may designate one or more areas in their buildings for employees to display printed materials (sales catalogs, pamphlets, business cards, etc.) promoting employee activities designed for personal profit or gain. Only one copy of each promotional item is to be displayed at a time. Size of items will be governed by space available.

    Neither employees nor non-employees will be allowed to distribute sales or other promotional materials, or solicit for orders, on School District property if such is not school-related or District-approved. Orders may be accepted, and products may be delivered by employees, if such activities occur during off-duty periods (non-work hours and scheduled lunch and coffee breaks) and do not disrupt the operations of the buildings or offices involved.

    I. Charitable Organizations

    A charitable, non-profit local organization or national organization with local ties may be given permission by the building principal to solicit employees or advertise programs during off-duty periods if, in the judgment of the principal, the organization is primarily a service-oriented organization serving the citizens of Campbell County (example: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Lions, Rotary, Little League). Charitable organizations are not to use school time for the collection of funds.

    Announcements may be made for any program sponsored by a recognized and reputable charitable organization as described above.

    II. Use of District Mail Service and Building Mailboxes

    Educational organizations may distribute material in or near mailboxes according to the guidelines listed in Regulation 4610-R.
    Political candidates will not be allowed to use District mail for delivery of campaign material. However, political candidates will be allowed to leave campaign material in building administrative offices near the point where employees pick up their mail.
    III. Exceptions

    Annual solicitation for United Way of Campbell County may be conducted during work hours as long as such activities do not disrupt the operations of the building and departments involved.

    Accredited institutions of higher learning will be permitted to solicit or distribute information necessary to provide programs for students and staff. Sales persons who represent companies offering materials needed for the operation of the District may receive permission from the Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support or a designee to present information to a limited number of appropriate personnel.

    Limited deliveries of non-resalable items may be accepted from authorized delivery agencies such as UPS or the Postal Service if such can be left in the main office or at the reception desk causing no disruption of the employee's duty.

    Where questions regarding appropriateness or interpretation occur, the matter will be referred, in writing, to the Superintendent of Schools.

    ADOPTION DATE: August 28, 1984; Revised February 28, 1990; Editorial Revision August 6, 1991; Revised July 11, 1994 (formerly 4136); Reviewed October 23, 2007; Reviewed September 8, 2015.