4625 Political Involvement - Elective Offices

  • The Board of Trustees of Campbell County School District recognizes that successful functioning of our democratic society depends upon each individual's acceptance of his or her responsibility for participation in politics and government. Substitute, temporary, and student employees are not subject to this policy.  Employees may be permitted to participate actively in the political activities of their choice, as long as participation does not adversely affect the work of the employee and does not interfere with regularly scheduled work days as defined in Human Resources Policy 4090. The employee may serve with no reduction of salary.

    Employees may file, campaign for and serve is elected to the city council and other offices within the city and county on their own time with no reduction of salary insofar as the activities of the elected office do not interfere with regularly scheduled work days as defined in Human Resources Policy 4090.

    Employees elected to local offices that will interfere with regularly scheduled work days as defined in Human Resources Policy 4090 must negotiate an arrangement satisfactory to the Board of Trustees regarding reimbursement of expenses paid by the District as a result of lost employee services.  The arrangement shall be agreed upon by both parties in advance of the employee’s service as an elected official.  Negotiations will be based on the amount of time taken from the employee’s district duties, including classroom, committee and other obligations, to perform the duties of the elected office.

    Employees may file and campaign for election to the Wyoming Legislature and serve if elected.  An employee elected to the legislature will have the choice of receiving their district salary or their legislative salary and must return to the District one of the two salaries. The employee may retain the legislative per diem allowance to cover costs of living away from home while serving in the legislature.

    Candidates for elective state or national public offices other than the state legislature will be expected to request a political leave of absence as defined in Human Resources Policy 4626 or submit a resignation during the period of the campaign and upon election. The District will diligently attempt to place the employee in employment as soon after the election as possible if the employee is unsuccessful in his/her bid for office, however, no employee who is granted a political leave of absence will be guaranteed a position.

    ADOPTION DATE: June 8, 1982; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised February 8, 1993; July 20, 1994 (formerly 4140); Revised November 11, 2008; Reviewed September 8, 2015.


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 4610, 4630, 4665