4630 Holding Office

  • The Board realizes that staff members will be recognized in their respective organizations (professional, fraternal, civic, union, etc.; political covered by another policy) with encouragement to seek or hold office in those groups. The Board also has the responsibility for seeing that the teaching of children and the obligation of school district funds in all forms including salary, travel expenses, or pay for substitutes is accomplished in a satisfactory manner.

    Therefore, should any certified staff member desire to seek an office for any organization that would require time away from school, the individual will approach the Board before the campaign and election to request that such time be allowed. The staff member involved will present a close approximation of the days he/she would be absent along with the suggestions for dealing with his/her professional assignment during such absence.

    Staff members who accept appointive or elective offices without first gaining permission of the Board should be planning to use their convenience days to do so or take a pay dock.

    The Board will maintain guidelines for district or state offices but will handle requests for offices in national organizations individually upon the merits of each request.

    No employee will be granted more than 10 days of absence from his/her assignment for requests covered in this policy, nor should this policy be interpreted as a guarantee of 10 days for a request.

    If the Board grants days to an employee in response to a request, the number of days will not necessarily be increased if the employee presents other requests to serve. It will be the employee's responsibility to utilize the approved days to best meet all commitments accepted by said employee.

    March 24, 1981; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Revised July 11, 1994 (formerly 4135.2); Revised April 22, 2008; Reviewed September 8, 2015


    4610, 4665