6136-R Lesson Plans

  • All teachers are required to maintain and use an updated curriculum guide correlated to the Wyoming State Content and Performance Standards for preparation of lesson plans for each subject taught. Lesson plans must include objectives which specify what pupils should know, or be able to do so, at the completion of the lesson. Written plans should include what is to be taught, how it is to be taught, and how learning is to be assessed. Lesson plans should be prepared in enough detail and clarity to enable a substitute teacher to carry on the instructional program during the absence of the teacher.
    The format(s) for lesson plans shall be determined at the building level.
    While teachers are required to be thoroughly prepared for each daily lesson, plans may be prepared for each lesson or on a longer-term basis, i.e., unit of work, whichever is most appropriate. Differentiated strategies should be noted in longer-term units.
    ADOPTION DATE: December 11, 2001; Reviewed October 25, 2011; Revised April 9, 2019