• 6140-R Homework

    Each school in Campbell County School District will set and communicate homework expectations to students, parents, and staff. Homework is defined as a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the class. This may include required reading, writing, mathematical exercises, test review, and other skills to be practiced. Teachers will assign homework according to age, maturity level, individual needs, course rigor, and interest of the students.

    Teachers should consider student time constraints and homework in other classes.

    Following are some suggested general guidelines for the amount of time, per student, to be spent doing homework. As these are average guidelines, teachers need to be cognizant of individual student differences when assigning homework.

    • Primary Grades K-3:  10-20 minutes per day
    • Intermediate Grades 4-6:  20-30 minutes per day
    • Junior High:  30-45 minutes per day
    • High School:  45-60 minutes per day 

    ADOPTION DATE:  September 28, 1998; Revised April 9, 2019